Yukon Striker Construction Tour ~ Canada’s Wonderland

While at a wonderful ACE regional event north of the border this past weekend, we were treated to a behind the walls look at Yukon Striker. The coaster is already making great progress!

Taking a look at some picture from around the site, we start with the station area. Though not yet enclosed, track, floor, and electronics has already been installed:

Looking under the station track we can see through to the start of the lift hill, with motor already down there as well:

Between those 2 points, we have the roll out from the station and a turn to the right. In the foreground, we see some maintenance pathways yet to be installed:

The final brake section is also already installed along with the transfer track. The coaster house structure is built but not yet enclosed and the transfer track is positioned next to it:

As you see in the picture above, the lift is coming along nicely. Our next stop along the tour was the next piece of the lift to get installed:

Now where have we seen track like this before?!? Clermont Steel Fabricators of course! Pictured below is the start of the lift:

We then moved over to the mouth of the tunnel exit. This area, after diving through the water, will exit into the coaster’s signature Immelmann inversion:

From the outside, here’s another look at the tunnel entry that the coaster will dive into during its vertical descent:

Also from across the lake, we can see some supports that will support the lift piece we saw earlier:

Footers for more supports and track are everywhere throughout the water:

Speaking of footers, check out these 3 nice wooden boxes that cleverly hide the 3 footers for the Immelmann discussed earlier:

The lift and track on Yukon Striker will only continue to rise throughout the fall. Thanks again to the park and ACE Canada for the wonderful tour and event! 

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