World’s Largest Larson Loop coming to Six Flags Great America

In Gurnee, IL at Six Flags Great America, we have just learned that the world’s largest Larson Loop will be opening for the 2018 season. The unnamed project will be the worlds tallest and fastest Larson Loop. Standing at 100 feet tall.

This new ride will be replacing King Chaos in the Mardi Gras section on the park. King Chaos was a Huss Top Spin that closed back on August 27th.

Highlights include:

-100 feet tall
-360 degree revolutions with multiple inversions;
-32 seats in unique “face-off” design, with guests seated back-to-back and face-to-face;
-Inverted hang-time with riders suspended upside down for extended times

We knew something was going on in this spot based on the teasing that Great America that did on their social media channels. They began by teasing about something going on over at King Chaos with their #ChaseTheStorm2018 campaign.

Later on is when we learned that King Chaos would be closing to make way for new thrills.

While I know that not everyone is a huge Larson Loop fan, I think this is a good addition to the park. It is replacing an old flat ride that had its issues. The available space in this section of the park where King Chaos was is also very small.

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  1. August 31, 2017

    […] Just outside of Chicago sees the closure of King Chaos likely for the now announced world’s largest Larson Loop. The project is yet to be named: […]

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