Wooden Roller Coaster Construction Update #1 ~ Fun Spot Kissimmee

It has been almost a month since we shared Fun Spot’s exciting news of adding a wooden roller coaster to its Kissimmee Park. So we figured it might be time for an update.

To start our 1st update a brief video look at the site with a small added bonus:

Here’s another look at the concept video for the coaster released by the park:

Taking a quick look around we see concrete work being completed in the area that saw a couple go tracks get demolished:

On the one big slab we do notice some conduit sticking out of it for some sort of use in the future, possibly ride photo or something else:

Moving on down, we get a few other angles of the concrete and see some forms. these show us how thick the concrete really is:

In the rest of the area, we notice general land clearing:

In the video and still concepts within it we notice the absence of this Screamin’ Swing ride. At this time we would speculate it would at least be relocated if not demolished. It appears to be near or at one end of the coaster judging from the video:

Across the street from the site we have the supply staging area. Here we find several crates including some that may contain some of the first vertical wood struts and beams:

Well that wraps up this look at the unnamed coaster in Kissimmee. Be sure to follow our social accounts and especially subscribe to our YouTube page for continuing coverage of this and other projects:

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    […] case you missed it be sure to check out our 1st update on this really awesome project! We will be back next time with hopefully some news of vertical […]

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