WonderWorks Outta Control Magic Comedy Holiday Dinner Show Review

We recently had the opportunity to check out the all new Outta Control Magic Comedy Holiday Dinner Show over at WonderWorks Orlando.  This show features the famous Tony Brent who has been performing at WonderWorks for over 17 years now. This is a brand new holiday edition of his famous magic comedy show. It runs from now until December 30th nightly at 6pm and 8pm. Adult tickets are $29.99 and children 4-12 and seniors 60+ are only $19.99. The whole experience is about 90 mins.

The dinner starts off with unlimited salad which is awaiting you when you sit down. You are seated at long tables and everything is sort of served family style.

They also have pitchers of Pepsi on the table. However your server will come around and ask if you would like anything else instead to drink. Your dinner includes unlimited Pepsi products, wine, and beer. They also have specialty holiday cocktails avaliable for an additional purchase. Will say the wine and beer section they had was more than acceptable and they did a great job of providing refills.


Your server will also ask during this point what type of pizza everyone would like to start off with. It is unlimited and they have some speciality ones available for the holidays. They include: meat lovers, veggie, chicken alfredo, pepperoni, and cheese. The pizzas are good as well as huge. Our table really enjoyed the meat lovers and the chicken alfredo pizza.

A little bit after you get pizza the show begins. Tony Brent performs for about 60 mins and puts on a great show. It also features a lot of crowd interaction and involvement. Its a great family show that mixes comedy and magic. I found it to be a great show that all ages truly could enjoy. Sometimes with these shows its very kid orientated and that was not the case with this show.










Your meal finishes with a slice of red velvet cake that was delicious! Do not forget to bring a few dollars in cash to leave for the servers who work hard and provided us with great service. They recommend $3-$4 per person.  Overall I really enjoyed the dinner show, it is a great evening for families. I personally would recommend families also visit WonderWorks and combine that with the dinner show for a nice day away from the crowded parks, or if trying to escape some rain or colder weather.

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