Winter Chill Out Tour 2018 Highlights ~ Cedar Point

It may be the off-season but we’re getting ever closer to opening day 2018 at America’s Roller Coast! In way it feels like just yesterday when we were the only ones to bring you comprehensive closing day coverage and season long construction coverage of Steel Vengeance.

We got a chance today to give to a great charity, and check out the park for some off-season fun and highlights!

First up we have several headlines announced during the informational presentation with Tony and Jason.

  • Park Plaza the park’s entry area gift shop will get a face-lift to become Point Plaza and have new fixtures and a “beachy” feel akin to Hotel Breakers or Cedar Point Shores Theme style. Here’s one last look at the shop before it has a new look.

  • Burger Patio is going away on the main midway and will become Buckaroo’s Burritos. You may recall Buckaroo’s was located in the back of the park before.

  • A new street party style show called “Snoopy’s Dog Days of Summer” will debut along the main midway likely near Valravn. Flash mob dance party meets the Peanuts and will offer a chance to meet your favorite characters after the show. A new float or 2 will even be in the show.
  • Luminosity is going away and the stage will be re-purposed for a new show called “Vertical Impact”. By the description it sounds like All Wheel’s Extreme meets Luminosity elements. This show will also take place several times throughout the day.
  •  Iron Dragon VR will return this season.
  • Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack on Frontier Trail is becoming “Frontier Fold-overs”. The restaurant will feature flat bread style fold-over sandwiches. Options will include: BBQ Brisket, Sicilian, Crispy Chicken and be made fresh right on frontier trail.
  • The Coke refresh station near Gemini will become a Coke Freestyle station.
  • The Coke refresh station near Skyride 2 on the main midway will become a specialty custom cotton candy place yet to be named
  • The Coke under the Skyride station will have cook freestyle as well.
  • No new details for the area where the stadium once stood

  • A new portal archway entrance area for the boardwalk was show. Nice and fits the theme well, a little basic but good!
  • The Sand Bar will open near the Wicked Twister gate outside the park and have a stage for the beach band.
  • Hotel Breakers expansion is nearing completion and all pools are installed. We gave you a look at the progress back at the end of the last season:

  • New Campground expansion with ultimate RV sites replaces Sandcastle Suites which is now completely demolished, though we were not taken back there on today’s tour.

FrontierTown is celebrating its 50th anniversary season this year and will have lots more than just Steel Vengeance in terms of changes and enhancements:

  • Frontier Inn will once again become Chik-Fil-A as it was in previous years! And the work on the changeover seems well underway:

  • The gazebo by Skyhawk and  Cedar Creek Mine Ride will have a new show called “The Traildust Trio” Given how it was decked out for Haunt last fall, I’m sure it will also get some cool frontier style decor as well:

  • The patio next to the round Up is being removed and the stage for Bluegrass Jamboree is being moved to that area. It will have dedicated seating to make the show a more enjoyable experience. Pictured is the stage in its old position as land is still readied for the new one:

  • The Roundup menu will be changing to a more western themed specialty eatery. Featuring burgers themed to the 3 characters from Steel Vengeance:
    • Blackjack Smokehouse Burger
    • Chess Burger with Aioli
    • The Digger Challenge
  • Maverick will see its tunnel themeing return and turned on being enhanced this year and continue to improve and modernize the theming for the following year as well. Maverick’s water area still had a bit of ice on it from the wintery freeze:

  • The emporium, located next to the FrontierTown train station will be the official Steel Vengeance gift shop and get a new floor, shelving and tie into the area.

  • Sagebrush Sue’s will become Sidewinder Sue’s and feature loaded french fries, twisted potatoes on the new menu.
  • Palace Theater will debut a new show called Lusty Lil’s French Revue. The theater will now be staying open much like Red Garter does near Millennium Force. So you’ll be able to hang out and grab a drink there anytime.

  • Steel Vengeance will feature a beer from Brew Kettle brewing much like Valravn and other coaster at the park have.
  • Chuck Wagon becomes Ms. Keet’s Smokehouse. The restaurant will feature some Brew and BBQ festival favorites including: Brisket, Pork, Sausage, Beans and more!
  • The jitney arcade will see the departure of modern games you wouldn’t find in FrontierTown and the return of a shooting gallery!

  • The Trading Post and the General store will be re-themed to the area with new displays and feature some of the Sweet Spot candy and fudge as well as some old-fashioned options.

With all the headlines out let’s take a look at some other cool sites we got to see today! Starting with Steel Vengeance, where we had a chance to walk the infield of the ride again. Our main highlights include the entrance area rock-work coming along nicely, potential queue work,  and mid-course brakes now installed. As the park continues work on the ride we’re told testing should begin at some point in March after the train arrives:

Over at Millennium Force, all the trains are waiting near the entrance and off-season maintenance was completed some time ago. This included new wheels and seat belts for every car!

We also got a chance to walk through the Zombie High maze featured during Halloweekends with lights on. It is always pretty cool to see a house with the lights on and lots of Easter Eggs. One of those Easter eggs is an allusion to Club Blood the name of the previous house in the same location.

Several items that can’t be moved or needs protected in the off-season are just wrapped tightly in plastic. This includes test seats and something a little bigger on Frontier Trail:

The carousel at the front of the park gets its own little enclosure and next to Zombie High, we find the workshop where the horses are being touched up:

Pipe Scream’s vehicle is all wrapped up as well:

Over on the Top Thrill Dragster Midway, the catch car is awaiting installation full of launches. We also got a chance to check out the Hydraulic Engine room that pulls the cable at that blistering speed!

Wave Swinger at the back of the park is merely a frame during the off-season:

Tilt-a-Whirl’s floor is sitting across from Gemini and Snoopy bounce is missing Snoopy, and the bounce:

Some Maverick cars are sitting near WindSeeker, others are in the maintenance shop which we had a chance to tour as well:

Also still in the shop for off-season work is Top Thrill Dragster’s ride vehicles. Notice the one different chassis with the hole in the center. That is the car that drop the dog into the catch car for launching:

With the removal of the old water tower, and on the way into linen services we caught a nice look at the Cedar Fair Corporate offices:

Linen services is quite busy even tho it is their slow season. In the off-season they launder linens for Castaway Bay:

Finally, find some video highlights below with updates on Steel Vengeance, more maintenance shop highlights, and some more details about the hydraulic room for Top Thrill Dragster:

We’d like to thank Jason McClure, Tony Clark, Kristi Bacni,  Chef Phil Bucco, and the whole team at Cedar Point that made today possible. More importantly the park was able to raise $40,000 for A Kid Again so everyone wins in this event! We can’t wait for opening weekend!

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