Wildwood Grove Construction Tour ~ Dollywood 3/15/2019

As part of the opening media/ passholder day at Dollywood, we were able to take a walking tour and check out the progress on Wildwood Grove. The all new area is scheduled to open 5/10/19 so just under 2 months away! Let’s start with a video showing all the angles and progress before we dive into the photos. Be sure to stay to the end for a Q&A from Dolly Parton herself and subscribe for more content on opening day!

Starting off at the front area of the new land, we see the restroom building and the restaurant!

Sycamore Swing is, much like many of the rides, looking just about complete and it is looking great!

As you saw in the video above, the pathways through Wildwood Grove are still very muddy.

As we walk down that path on the right we see Wildwood Creek and then Black Bear Lair with ride vehicles already on the track as well:

The Wildwood Grove Splashpad and activity area still needs much more work but is starting to take form:

Just behind that fun kids area, is the base of the Wildwood Tree not quite yet all there yet:

Just to the right of that area is Frogs and Fireflies, a fun bouncy ride:

Mad Mockingird looks complete other than the queue and in my opinion is the most beautifully decorated Larson Scooters I have ever seen!

Now the part coaster enthusiasts have been waiting for, Dragon Flier! As wee showed you late last year, track work is complete and small touches are being added and the queue is being worked on. Additionally we got our first ever look at the train already on the tracks. As I mentioned in the video above , the station is also coming right along with gates already appearing to be in place as well!

One of the awesome banked turns on Dragon Flier
The overbanked turn coming out of the tunnel and and swirling around after the lift hill
Lift hill for Dragon Flier
Train and the station for Dragon Flier

Seeing all the great progress makes us even more excited for May 10th when Wildwood Grove opens to the glow of the tree and all the fun rides! We finally got a close perspective all the land still left but cleared for work behind where Wildwood Grove ends. Maybe a phase 2 with more rides or even another thrill ride could be coming?!? We’ll have to wait and see what Dolly and the team have planned for the future of the site!

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