Wildwood Grove at Dollywood Now Open!

This past Friday, the day finally came and Dolly Parton joined in on the fun to open the park’s largest expansion ever, Wildwood Grove!

The all new family area we’ve been telling you about for sometime is vast and about 6 acres in size! So take a walk with us through the area then keep scrolling for even more fun pictures (apologies for some of the shaky angles at times)

With no shortcomings on the “reveal element,” guests walk through a tee trunk and then see the beautiful entrance sign!

As we head onto into the area we find our first 2 rides: Treetop Tower and Big Tree Swing.

We then pass into the Wildwood Creek Splash and play areas. On our way to Wildwood Creek we also get our first good glimpse of the Wildwood Tree. In the play area we get a look at the awesome details going into the tree, some elements are still being worked on:

Across from the play area we have Wildwood Mountain Merchants with a wonderful selection of gifts and souveniers for everyone! Even a shirt for the Dragonflier Coaster:

To the right of the gift shop, Black Bear Trail makes it fun to ride on a bear and will be a crowd favorite ride. On the side we have Frogs and Fireflies a bouncing adventure for the little ones!

Next up is Mad Mockingbird, the best artistry on flying scooters I have ever seen such a beautiful ride to watch and see!

Be sure to watch the video to get a look inside the indoor kids play area as well, which is across from the ride above! And last but certainly not least is the Dragonflier Coaster. A wonderful layout with a neat tunnel, very picturesque over-banked turn, and a couple of awesome helices:

A couple side notes, Till and Harvest Restaurant will open very soon and every queue in the new area geatures fans and heaters for the harsh temperature days:

Be sure to take in new views of Dollywood’s other signature rides, especially if you like taking pictures like me:

With it’s opening, Wildwood Grove quickly enter the top 5 areas for kids in families in my opinion. With it’s wide pathways, brightly colored well themed rides, and of course the awesome atmosphere that Dollywood always provides this will be a hit with everyone. Dolly’s dream has come to life and much like a lot of Dollywood it is gorgeous!

Be sure to follow our social pages for more fun and stay tuned for our podcast Episode 17 which I will talk about my visit to the Pigeon Forge area!

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  1. I wish I could have been there for the official opening! You can tell they were working ’round the clock to get it ready and it looks awesome. What an honor for you all to be there on opening day.

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