Warner Bros. World ~ Abu Dhabi, UAE

We recently had a chance to get an inside look at Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There is a lot too see from our 50+ pictures so let’s jump right head on in through the stunning entrance:

Once inside, a pretty cool Bugs Bunny statues and WB logo greet us!

Once inside the gate we step into Warner Bros. Plaza, home to home to restaurants and gift shops:

After making it thru the welcoming area above, we are greeted by quite an arrays of highly themed areas so let’s explore them.

Bedrock is home to our favorite stone-age friends and a log flume:

Cartoon Junction provides a mash-up of all sorts of fun characters and is home to tons of fun:

A fun carousel has tons of different character to take a ride on:

Even Scooby- Doo get’s his own dark ride

Tom and Jerry are at it again with a spinning coaster and a pretty fun queue:

A cool interactive dark ride is this Ani-Mayhem, tons of fun!

Dynamite Gulch is the last Looney area of toony-ness.

This area is home to a pretty awesome themed coaster Fast and Furry-ous:

Also some nifty- bumper cars:

The bustling land of Metropolis, home to the Hall of Justice:

Of course the neighbor area to Metropolis, is Gotham:

Scarecrow has cooked up quite the spinning tower ride here:

On a final note; Gotham is home to one of the best discos we have ever seen and ridden: Riddler’s Revolution

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