Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #31 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Some interesting developments are taking place with just under 3 week to go before opening day. Well at least one thing is interesting:

Starting off on the backside of Krakatau Mountain, we see the stairs are still being worked on:

We also see the tubes for Ko’Okiri Body Plunge are now being uncovered revealing their true colors and some open air sections:

These slides end on the side and those pieces have been uncovered as well:

While were on the front of the Volcano we can see the main capsule slide has also been uncovered and is clear:

This means we’ll be able to see everyone who takes this plunge through the Volcano. Today we saw water running through it as well:

Runnamukka Reef is also being uncovered and more progress has been made on the sea creatures:

From Cabana Bay, we can see the octopus, fish, and is you look carefully you can see starfish in the yellow triangular coverings:

Nearby next to the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, we spot another tiki along a pathway. We also spot our first directional signage in the park:

The big story this past week is has been Honu being partially taken apart:

From Cabana Bay we can see quite a few pieces have been removed. We’re hoping that the problem wasn’t too serious since the pieces are still on the ground:

Over at the park shuttle area buildings continue to progress:

A small shuttle was spotted dropping off team members for training:

The newest entry area building now has a pathway under it:

Over by the wave pool the loungers we showed you last week are more spread out:

Speaking of the wave pool we see it appears ready for water. This is one of the few places we haven’t seen water testing at yet. I’m sure that will be a nervous time!

Above where the waves come out we now see a pathway that overlooks the wave pool. If allowed to walk there, I’m sure we’ll get some great shots of guests enjoying the pool:

Closing out this week, we see Taniwha Tubes, the first slides we saw rise about a year ago:

Stay tuned for our look back post where we’ll compare the start of some slides and area and what they look like now! Also, stay tuned to our social accounts for more:

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3 Responses

  1. Ryan Joseph says:

    Was Honu the slide where the rafts appeared to be getting a little too close to going over the edge during testing? I was wondering how they would deal with those problems. Maybe they are making some modifications?

    • Jim says:

      Not sure about the over the edge but Honu is the slide with the 2 angled blue sections as highlighted in this post.

  2. Jed says:

    So is SeaWorld Orlando going big I think they should get a wing coaster for 2021 that would take over the front of the park and have two trains and 6 inversion but it should have a dive loop and the track should be blue and white and orange and that would put a big spot on the front of the park and make some of the ride indoors so you can have half dark and light and make it go over the lake

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