Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #29 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

We’re approaching the end of April and looking ahead to opening month of Volcano Bay. Our posts may start sounding like a broken record though with details, details, details!

Starting off, Krakatau Mountain is looking great with, you guessed it, details!

On a lower corner of the mountain we spotted some more stair sneaking their way into Krakatau:

Nearby, we spot some newer cabanas rising on the site. These appear to be the ones pictured in the concept art:

On the back side we see continuing progress on stairs and more:

Near the Krakatau Aqua Coaster (water coaster) the scaffolding has come down reveling those tiki carvings we showed you last time:

On the loading station for the attractions we spot several more rafts as well as more theming below:

Those buildings closer to Cabana Bay we’ve been showing you continue to see roof work:

At the entry to those structures above we see a sign area. I’m thinking this could be a group area or even picnic zone.

The new structure we spotted at the park entrance has a full metal roof but that’s about it:

The odd-shaped structure near some of the other cabanas has gotten a vinyl covering. Could this be an entry portal to the cabanas?

Closing out this update with one of my new favorite details over by Honu Ika Moana, with this guy by the bridge:

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