Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #27 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Welcome to our 27th installment of Volcano Bay Construction. This past week we broke the story on amenities and prices for annual passes and 1- day tickets to the park! Be sure to check out that post, now onto our update:

Starting off our update with Krakatau Mountain (Volcano) we can see the platform coming in with railings now. WE also notice a new set of stairs on the backside. Also on the back, we see a structure now hanging from one of the cross beams. Hopefully this will be to enclose some of the lower  sides of the volcano.

Rock-work is still taking place at the base of the volcano as in a couple of places:

This week we also noticed some cool tiki carvings along the pathway going into the mountain:

Just above where the mossy green color leaves off we see some cut-ins that will feature some lighting. If some concepts come true, we will see water flowing through here as well:

Something we haven’t talked much about is the Ohno and Ohyah Body slides which have been seeing massive rock-work to enclose them in some places. We have also highlighted some rooftop structures for those 2 slides:

As a reminder these are the slides that fling you off an edge to plummet into the water as seen in this concept:

Runnamukka Reef has a couple aquatic friends showing up with 2 structures turning into sea creatures. One appears to be a fish and the other an octopus:

We can also see some more rock-work around Runnamukka Reef bringing it closer and closer to concept:

Cabanas will be offered to guests for an extra charge. I have a feeling these raised cabanas are the multi-level ones being advertised as well:

Elsewhere in the park, we see some pathway lighting has gone up:

One of the newer structures we’ve been watching started to get a wooden roof this week as the others wait their turn:

Other steel structures have received vinyl coverings this past week:

Over at the entrance lots of newly planted trees have blinded our view of the escalators area. The rest of the entrance continues to develop as well:

The shuttle pathway continues to see work as well:

As Volcano Bay continues to rise the former Universal owned waterpark is finally starting to see demolition start. We will be covering this more as more slides get take down over there so stay tuned for that post and video.

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