Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #25 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Wow! I can’t believe we’re already to our 25th update on the newest waterpark on scene, Volcano Bay! Here’s our 11th video update to star us off:

Taking a look first at all the developments surrounding the centerpiece Krakatau Mountain, we find lots of changes and little scaffolding. The lack of scaffolding lets us see a lot more of the mossy details that seem to be at the base half of the mountain:

One the back-side work continues on the stairs leading to the Ko’Okiri Body Plunge capsule slides:

We also see even more work on the platform and back side as a whole:

Another things we noticed is the potential for a bridge to be built as the stairs seemingly leave off and on the other side another platform of sorts picks up. These can’t be connected yet to allow access to the cranes still needing to reach the area. When this walkway or bridge does go into place, we can only assume most of the work on the inside is done:

Overall no matter what angle you look from the semi-active volcano is looking great!

From the side angle we can even see the front side platform jutting out and below even more rock work around the Krakatau Aqua Coaster

Speaking of Krakatau Aqua Coaster, we spotted our first tube on the flume of the attraction today. This is an exciting development and could meant the slide is now in testing:

New vinyl roof covering were spotted on both the Easter Island Slides and at building just in side the park park entrance area:

More structures will likely be seeing these type of vinyl coverings soon. We can see the appearance of 2 more in the distance here:

Over at Runnamukka Reef we see more ground work taking place but not much else. Possibly some new supports or pip-work but unsure at this time:

Checking in on our new mystery structure we see A-frames have been added to the puzzling assembly:

Looking at the other mystery structure attached to the mountain, I still have no better guess on what it could be:

Closing out with a look at the entrance area, we can now see escalators have been installed. Also, further development on the guest arrival area:

What do you look forward to most at Volcano Bay? Let us know in the comments section below or via our social accounts!

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