Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #24 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Another week and another Florida storm, but through this weather we bring you our latest update! Let’s check out the video with a brief bonus look at the former waterpark Wet’N’Wild:

Starting off inside Krakatau Mountain we find progress on the platform for Ko’okiri Body Plunge:

These capsule slides are tall ones, and with scaffolding coming down on another side this week, we get a look at one of them again along with some nice detail work:

Just below that we can see more detail work  and rock-work still progressing around a wider tube. This is part of the Krakatau Aqua Coaster:

Speaking of the water coaster, the 2 roof structures received their decorative vinyl this past week:

Back over at the volcano itself, the stairs on the backside seems to be getting some work this week as well:

Just in front of that, we see Punga Racers has received an icon like symbol above each slide:

We didn’t notice much change over at Runnamukka Reef this week:

The same can not be said for the entrance area which looks near completed. We notice the shuttle entry area progressing greatly, from the tunnel to the now nearly completed stairwell. The plaza looks near ready to accept guests with lots of tress and a smooth feel:

Inside the park we find a much different story as a new structure is possibly rising closer to Cabana Bay. We notice some poles and cross beams rise in rectangular shape:

Near the entrance an amenities building entry structure has received a vinyl covering as well:

Closing out with a look over at Honu and Ika Moana we see lots and lots of tress and brush has been added since last week:

As progress continues to happen around the park, we wanna hear from you what’s your favorite slide or detail? Leave us a comment below or own one of our social sites:

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