Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #22 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

We’re onto our 22nd update on Volcano Bay and every week we have some great new stuff to share and this week is no exception!

For this update we’ll start with Runnamukka Reef and its progress. We’ve noticed that the blue slide has now been completed and an orange one was completed as well:

But some small details are starting to be put into place here as well. We are seeing spray guns, miniature dump bins and some fishy decor around the rising complex:

Finally another roof frame sits nearby waiting for install:

Next to that progress we spot some more stacked base-plates for rock-work on top of the lazy river tunnel:

Next up, we’ve spotted some mats on Punga Racers as well as the read light flashing indicating testing has begun here:

Nearby at the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, work on the stairs and walls continues. We can see more of that temple/ plate-rock themeing developing.

Looking at Krakatau Mountain itself now, we the platform is still very active with workers:

Also, we notice work on the section of the mountain where water will eventually cascade down the side:

Finally, from the entrance side of the park we see more scaffolding and lots of work yet to be done:

Speaking of the entrance area, another great story from the past week was the awning going on that big “A” shaped structure we’ve been watching:

Also at the entrance area we see darker rock forms, more development on the new structure. In addition to that we notice the rock-work by the shuttle tunnel appears almost complete:

Speaking of different colored rock-work, this form along a park pathway is of the gray speckled variety:

We close out this week’s update with a look at the mystery structure and this week it has gained a center greenish colored piece:

Be sure to check out all our previous updates on Volcano Bay‘s progress and say tuned to our social accounts for all the latest on the water park. Stay tuned for our next GlobeCast for news from all around Universal Orlando Resort coming out Tuesday!


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    […] Next door to the parks, Volcano Bay’s tide is coming in fast.If you haven’t already, slide over to check out the latest on the progress of Volcano Bay. […]

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