Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #21 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

We’re back with another look at the newest waterpark coming soon to Universal Orlando Resort. As always let’s start with our video look at the site:

Starting off our look from the entry area of the park where guests will begin their day, we see a new structure in place:

We also see some of the rock-work just after you exit the shuttle tunnel is coming into form:

Just inside the park a building we’ve been watching for a while seems to have gotten its archway structure as well. In the second picture, notice also the rock-work progressing along the pathway:

Behind that building in what will be a behind the scenes area, we see another piece waiting for placement:

The cabanas are looking good and this week we noticed connecting little bridges coming into place for them:

Another structure we have been watching for a few weeks now has interior railings installed. We could speculate that this could be a Taputapu kiosk point based on rendering we showed you last week:

In the generally nearby area we’ve been seeing lots more trees popping up:

The elevated pathway attached to Krakatau Mountain seems to also have railing now. These almost look like queue or line railing making us wondering if this could be a line for the Ko’Okiri Body Plunge:

Speaking of those capsule slides we got a great zoom shot into that area:

Another possible entrance to these slides is this stairwell, not yet fully developed:

On the mountain itself, we find some green mossy texture coming into view in a couple places:

We also see some lighter color panels on one side where water was reportedly flowing over the past week:

Speaking of water flowing, over in the lazy river the trough was half full and water was moving at a gentle pace:

Another continually exciting development is the kids area Runnamukka Reef. We can now see one blue slide piece added as well as a roof frame. In this first picture if you look closely you can see 2 small yellow and purple slides as well:

Closing out this week’s update we take a look at the base of the volcano and see more rock-work going on in a an opening. We’re not sure that this could be for at this time but will watch for its development in next weeks update:

Be sure to check out all our previous updates on Volcano Bay‘s progress and say tuned to our social accounts for all the latest on the water park:

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