Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #19 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Our 19th look at Volcano Bay construction starts to show us some real details! First up, our construction video showing off some great action around the park:

First up from around the park, the four slide complex had some safety system testing going on. We saw a red light flashing and also took note of some recently installed proximity sensors on the slides:

Nearby, we see some progress on these smaller gazebo type structures as well as the addition of more trees:

Over at Honu and Ika Moana, workers seemed to be installing or checking on something to do with the conveyor system:

From a different perspective we can see the larger family style tubes on the launch point of the complex:

Under the complex we can see the bridge starting to draw closer to completion. Also from there we see an outline of orange fence giving us an idea of where pathway may be established soon:

Many buildings around the park are starting to show some details related to theme. Most bring great vibrant colors that will light up the park:

Our mystery building at the entrance plaza seems to have gotten some details as well:

Speaking of the entrance plaza, lots of concrete work has been taking place. This has left us with a general idea of the layout of the park entry area:

One noticeable thing is the 3 larger holes which could be for more themed rock-work, planters, or something else:

With scaffolding coming down, were getting some great shots from all around Krakatau Mountain:

Back inside the park, as pathways continue to progress so does the themeing. This includes some rock works springing from the ground nearby:

We can also see signs of more path-side rock-work coming soon! With more frame plates in the wave pool and some cleared areas marked off, we can expect some sort of activity soon:

Finally a look at a structure and possibly an elevated pathway in its beginnings next to the volcano:

Be sure to check out our tag page, for all our previous posts on Volcano Bay! Especially if you want to take a look back to time when the mountain was nothing more than a frame:

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