Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #18 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

First up, we start with our video update showing all the excitement around the site:

Now welcome to our 18th photo update on Volcano Bay Water Park and this one will make a splash! I know that sounds like a pun, but we literally have water in some slides now, like Honu:

From Cabana Bay, we can see some of the splash down pool from Honu and Ika Moana:

Another slide complex has water running through it, though it is hard to see through the flume pieces. We can however, notice the tubes sitting on the stairwell to the top:

At the top of a couple stair towers on slide complexes, roof covering have been making progress. We just love the designs that will surely progress the theme:

Some are still in need of work but we can’t wait to see those designs:

Back over at Honu for a moment, we also notice a bridge crossing over the lazy river likely a guest path to get to Honu and Ika Moana:

Just behind a freshly transplanted palm tree we find some other new structures taking shape:

Focusing on something a little more exciting, scaffolding has started to come down around Krakatau Mountain. Getting to see some of the completed areas at the top gives you a sense for the real details being put into the project. The opening of the volcano is got all sorts of volcanic colors:

This picture gives you an idea of how much there is left to work on for the volcano itself. It also shows some pathway progress:

Close to the pathway we see a little more progress on the structure we showed you last time:

Next up, with the pathway clearly making progress, we now find the end point to be a bridge to another area of the park. Also take note of those blue hexagonal/ rectangular pieces. These are likely for the kids play complex which is still nothing more than support footers:

Here’s a look at that progress, and judging by the amount of footers, those pieces should find their home very soon:

Finally, over at the entrance area, vinyl backings are being added to the lettering. Also, more concrete work appears to be taking place:

We just love how the park is coming together and this updates additions and new details are great to look at. Be sure to follow us across our social channels. Sometimes something is just to exciting to wait until a post like this and we share it immediately!

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