Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #17 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Welcome to our 17th post on Volcano Bay! There have been lots of changes in this new year already. It has been a few weeks since we were last able to bring you an update so let’s splash in with our video:

Starting off with a look at something we haven’t talked a lot about the presumed shuttle lanes from the main garage. These are starting to take shape along I-4 and we have shown you the tunnel before:

Just off the shuttle area we can see the entrance continues to progress. This includes wooden forms for concrete pouring under the main entrance building:

Taking a look at the main area of the park we can see several new things even in this wide-angle, but we’ll break it down in a moment:

The first noticeable thing for us is the start of what looks to be a guest pathway being started around the wave pool and Volcano edge:

Next up from this spot we notice more support footers and progress on the area we project to be the kids splash zone. Also in that picture we notice another roof structure has been added to the water coaster:

And just next to that we see a tunnel like opening we told you about last time that is likely for some of the interactive effects on the lazy river. We can clearly see the river’s lining is in place and entering the tunnel:

Speaking of the lazy river, we caught what looks to be a bridge under construction over the completed work of the river:

Next to the main wave pool a smaller, but deeper looking pool has appeared. In front of it a new small frame has also been erected:

On the other side of the mountain we see that some more slides have gone up. These have a much smaller gauge and are likely body slides:

In front of those, we see some more themed rock-work and a small cabana like structure that seem to be attached to Krakatau:

Over in the main wave pool, we see that pieces continue to arrive for the inner shape of the Volcano:

On a different side we find pieces like this sitting on some scaffolding waiting for their place:

Several buildings, like this one, continue to show progress closer to being finished:

Over at Honu, we see more water pipe work taking place:

We also notice in this complex that the stairs to the top will be 4- lanes wide. At the top of those stairs we see supports for a roof structure:

It just so happens that roof structure is sitting nearby:

Another development is the addition of trees on site and some are being stored under near completed slides:

Wrapping up we take a final couple looks at Krakatau Mountain and the rock-work being more and more done:

As this wraps our Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #17, I wanted to thank everyone for their support last year.  If you ever have any questions or comments be sure to ask below or even on our video on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe and follow us over all the social networks:

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