Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #15 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

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It is hard to believe we are already to our 15th Volcano Bay Construction update! To celebrate are adding a new feature for those of you who like your updates to be a little more “live”. Introducing our 1st Volcano Bay construction video:

Video is great, but it can’t break down and highlight everything. So we will continue the traditional photo updates with more written details to continue to provide you with the best coverage you’ve come to expect of us!


Let’s start with the top of Krakatau Mountain. With the base plate facade work looking more done each day, the top of the mountain now looks less like a frame and more like a mountain or even a volcano:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-237 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-238

You can even see a rounded shape for the lava vent starting to take shape on the left side in this picture:


It is looking great but still far from we’ve seen in the concept art:
Volcano - Bay - Waterpark - Universal - Orlando - Concept - 001

As you could probably see from the above pictures workers all over the place with facade work on Krakatau:


The volcano isn’t the only place we can see rock-work on this site anymore. As we took a glance at the entrance area we noticed some interesting shapes rising from the ground in that area. This could be entrance area themeing starting appear:


Speaking of the entrance area, remember those holes in the ground we showed you in our last update?


Well this week we can see the start of some sort of signage. I’m personally hopeful for 1 letter on each post; if I’m counting right it looks to be just enough to spell out Volcano Bay!

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-242 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-243

As we zoom out from the pictures above, we can see the shuttle bus loop is starting to look nice:


Over at Honu and Ika Moana, a raft conveyor is starting to get installed:


Next up, something we started highlighting last time, Puihi (funnel slide) and Maku (saucer slide). Puihi has seen the installation finished on its second funnel and darker green slide pieces:


Maku has started to show its bright yellow color as the first of what look to be 3 saucer-elements is now in place. We can also see the start of the second saucer element:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-247 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-248

Overall, this slide complex is gonna be very bright and really light up the park:


Moving on from there, roof progress continues on Taniwha Tubes, these slides look to be some of the most complete on site:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-250 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-251

Wrapping up this update, we take a look at the stairs and roof structure being installed on the station of the Krakatau Aqua Coaster. Also in the background of the first picture, we notice the ever colorful Punga Racers:

With that we close out our 15th update. We will be back with another update on this wonderful project very soon hopefully also with another video. Until then be sure to follow us on our social accounts:

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  1. Greg Wertman says:

    I think the word “Krakatau” is intended to be pronounced so that it sounds like “Crack a Towel”.

    Get it? It’s Punny.

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