Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #14 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

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For our 14th construction update at Volcano Bay we figure you may want to start at the beginning. By beginning we mean what we believe to be the entrance loop area, which is showing some real signs of development:


A close up shot of those roped off areas shows us some deep circular holes, perhaps this could be for an entrance icon, signage, or maybe just ticket booths:


Nearby, we see some other buildings/structures also making progress, this first pictures looks to be a larger restaurant:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-218 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-219

In the background of one of the above pictures, we can see Puihi that we told you about last week, is making even more progress:


As you can see they are using 2 different shade of green on this; one for the funnel structures and one for the slides. Here’s a few more shots from another perspective:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-221 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-222 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-223

Next up we head over to Honu, which is all but done and is looking spectacular from all angles:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-224 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-225

Only a couple more pieces remain to complete Honu and they are nearby:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-226 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-227

Overall, the whole slide complex is looking fantastic with a the green and blue complimenting each other nicely:


A nearby slide complex we’ve been showing you is starting to its cabana style roof and looks to have already gotten it’s tube conveyor:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-229 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-230

It wouldn’t be a Volcano Bay update without a look at the Volcano itself:


Krakatau mountain is looking more enclosed everyday, especially around the capsule slide area:


The slide out area we have been showing you looks to be a lot more finished since last time:


We close out our normal photo update with a look at the Krakatau Aqua Coaster station and its current progress:


Ticket news! Some ticket prices have been announced and our newest correspondent Michael was the first to bring them to you! We’ve also now learned that on site resort guests will get into Volcano Bay an hour before regular day guests!

Universal Orlando 3-Park Ticket

  • 3-Park Multi-Day Ticket to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Volcano Bay
    • Options available from 2 to 5 days in duration
    • 3-day ticket starting at $244.99 for adults
    • 3-day ticket starting at $234.99 for children
    • For travel dates beginning June 1, 2017
  • A 3-day, 2-park base ticket to Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida starts at $204.99 per adult and $194.99 per child

For more info on the ticket prices be sure to check out Universal Orlando’s Blog Post

Be sure to follow Michael as he shares his fun, expertise and love of the parks on Twitter @Michael_WGT!


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