Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #12 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

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Welcome to another construction update on Volcano Bay Water Theme Park. This update brings us a brief look at some of the things we highlighted last month. Starting out with another look into the twisted entanglement of slides in Krakatau Mountain:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-171 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-172 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-173

We can see some progress since our last post about 3 weeks ago, but nothing of too much significance. On the other side of the mountain though, we see another slide has been installed and it’s run out pool is well underway:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-174 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-175

From the same angle, we can see the progress of the volcano facade work is still moving forward and also see 2 slides coming out the left side that we have been seeing for a while now:


This cove next to the main wave pool could become another smaller wave pool or something else:


The stair towers for Honu and it’s neighbor family slide have started to go up:


Speaking of stairs, the slides we showed you last time that got some of the first guest stairs looks nearly complete:


But the more interesting event happening over here is the water pipes rising from the ground and headed to the top:


In the building just next door to that complex we got a look inside at the installed filtration/ pump systems:


The water coaster looks like it could be in the beginnings of getting stairs as well to the right of the station in this picture:


The water coaster looks to be very expansive across around the volcano, and if you follow it’s green and blue color scheme, you can find it in lots of pictures:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-183 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-184 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-185

That wraps another look at the progress on Volcano Bay, we’ll be back with more updates when there is enough notable changes for another post! In the meantime be sure to take a look back at previous posts using the Volcano Bay tag page! Also follow us on our social accounts as we tweet small changes as the happen:

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