Volcano Bay Waterpark Construction Update #11 ~ Universal Orlando Resort

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It has been a little over 2 weeks since our last update and there have been many changes to the site since our last post on Universal’s newest waterpark. The first, and most major, change we notice is that the volcano, Krakatau Mountain, has been topped off as indicated by the U.S. flag as well as the Florida state flag.

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-151 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-152

Despite reaching the highest point of steel work, the work continues as more pieces of structure are still being added:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-153 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-154

Overall, the mountain is looking great with lots of slides in place and wrapping in and around the structure:


A closer look from the angle above shows us the platform area inside the mountain that seems to be for 2 drop capsule slides. Though the capsules themselves are not yet installed the angle of descent is likely for that type of slide:


From a couple different angles we can see the facade work to make Krakatau Mountain look like an actual mountain, is coming along nicely. This includes the addition of concrete and primer for the mountain’s final color:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-157 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-158

Even more pieces are waiting in the wave pool area for placement as this massive 3-D puzzle continues:


Some smaller buildings are starting gain some color, if only on their roof:


From a couple of choice angles, the half-pipe like slide, Honu is looking more impressive with a few more pieces added since our last update:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-161 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-162

Just beneath Honu we can see one of the lazy river’s is making progress into this area of the park:


The stair towers continue to develop next to these slides:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-164 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-165

On a lesser developed side of the park we can see a few more structures similar to the stair towers above but not as tall or as far along in development:


The water coaster is always looking impressive and it appears that more structure around it has been added:

volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-167 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-168 volcano-bay-waterpark-construction-universal-orlando-resort-169

Finally, just in front of the water coaster station we notice lots more supports and maybe even the beginnings of a building coming into form:


Stay tuned for updates on this and more and be sure to check out our previous posts for more!

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