Volcano Bay Opening Day ~ Universal Orlando

Volcano Bay is as awe-inspiring as we walked in and it was great to finally get to this moment after watching it all for so long! First up as always our video. This one is a little longer as it is a tour of the whole park!

Onto our photos and of course there’s lots to see to let’s start at the beginning. The entrance is very nice in person, we arrived in the twilight of the morning sunrise:

Look for more on the entrance area in the video above, as you enter you wind through a path up towards the main park. As you round the final corner of that entry path, you get a wow moment:

Some of the colorful lighting was still on Krakatau as we arrived as seen above and here is a closer look:

No matter the time of day the front of Krakatau Mountain looks awesome with all the water flow and spectacular detail work

A closer look at the lower and upper sections of the centerpiece show us some cool hidden tikis and nice water shots:

All this water cascades into the back of the wave pool which is nice. For comparison, the wave pool seems smaller than most in the the other area waterparks:

The back side of the mountain is sadly a different story when it comes to beauty. Left open it just doesn’t look good in my opinion, and I feel like it wouldn’t have been that hard to complete. Either way at least the front side of the facade looks nice:

Checking out the slides we’ve watched grow from dirt to realization, we begin with Ko’okiri Body Plunge. This is the signature almost straight down slide on the front of Krakatau:

Sharing the platform high up in the volcano is Kala and Ta Nui. These slides are mostly behind the facade, shown above. Much like Ko’okiri, they finish near the base but on the side:

Another thrilling set of of slides are the Ohno and Ohyah drop slides. These are the 2 slides that end about 4-6 feet above a 10 foot deep pool:

Maku and Puhi are 2 unique fun slides in one tower though it hard to see their elements from anywhere except I-4:

Krakatau Aqua Coaster is also very elusive. While the station is easy to see you have to sorta look for that wider flume/ tube through all the other slides in the area:

Punga Racers is a mat slide. Sadly, it has not opened in the first few days of the park being opened other than the first hour of opening day.

Probably one of our most talked about slide complexes when we covered construction was Honu ika Moana. Honu of course being the blue half-pipe style slide:

Taniwha tubes always made cameos in videos and photos because this complex has been standing since mid last year:

Though Runnamukka and Tot Tiki Reefs did not open the first day we ventured back to find them one on the 2nd day:

Though some area remain unfinished in the park at the time of this post, there is still lots of details to take in. Like this alligator that we showed you from a distance:

We hope to be able to bring you a look at the multiple dining venues at Volcano Bay in the near future!

On behalf of myself, Jim, and the rest of the WildGravity Team, we want to thank you for following our Volcano Bay coverage. It has been a long year that totaled over 600 published pictures and almost 4 hours of video. We hope you enjoyed the growth and the ride as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you! If you think you missed anything or just want a look back take a look at our many updates here: Volcano Bay Tag Page

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  1. August 9, 2017

    […] only the amusement park but waterpark as well! ProSlide is a great company and as readers of our Volcano Bay updates know, are responsible for all the slides there! Those slides include a Hydromagnetic coaster in […]

  2. August 15, 2017

    […] that SeaWorld Orlando’s waterpark Aquatica would be receiving a new slide in response to Volcano Bay up the street. Even more speculation is that this slide would be a water coaster similar to Krakatau […]

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