Volcano Bay Annual Pass and Amenity Details Surface ~ Universal Orlando Resort

Tonight our correspondent Michael was the first to share some breaking details on some amenities at Volcano Bay. But first let’s take a look at some pass information. It looks like the Annual Passes are changing to a 2 and 3- park format. Though all passes will have that 3-park option they will have blackout dates except for the 3-park premiere pass:

Volcano Bay will also offer express at the water park:

Another add-on option is All Day Dining:

Here’s some other details on Cabanas:

Stay tuned to WildGravity Travels for the best coverage and most comprehensive from dirt to splash! Also be sure to check out our construction updates because nothing keeps you informed like a regular progress update!

For more be sure to follow our social accounts including Michael who brought this story to Twitter before anyone else!

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6 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Cameron says:

    Well so much for renewing my preferred anal pass, you GREEDY $#@%=&)×+ priced me out of ever having another pass, 12 years and thank me very much

    • Jim says:

      Sorry to be the barer of bad news. However before you give up hope remember that there is still a 2-park pass if you don’t want Volcano Bay or can’t afford it

  2. Brian says:

    Seems The annual Disney passes are now a better deal, 6 parks for close to the same price, or more value per park!!

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