Vanish Point ~ Adventure Island

We had a chance to check out Adventure Island’s newest addition a day before they kicked off their 2018 season.

We told you about Vanish Point, a dual capsule drop body slide, some time ago but in case you forgot what it’s all about here’s the info-graphic!

Here’s a look around the new slide and look below for our POV provided by the park of our very first ride on Vanish Point!

The slide is located in the park new the last major addition from a few years ago Colossal Curl:

If the slide isn’t you thing, you can watch others on this screen to seem them literally vanish off the camera!

It doesn’t take long after you vanish to appear here, in glorious splashdown of course!

Here’s a look at our correspondent taking the #VowToVanish and some neat external looks of his ride!

As always, a very special thanks to the Adventure Island/ Busch Gardens team for having us out to a preview of the new attraction. Friendly and welcoming staff abound here!

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