An Update on Our Coverage Moving Forward

Over the past year plus, many of you have come to love our site for its construction updates and more from around the central Florida parks. Due to an excellent career opportunity for our site’s co-creator, Brent, him and I (Jim) will be moving out-of-state and back to my home state of Ohio. ¬†This, however, does not man our Florida coverage will not end with our departure merely be adjusted.

We already¬†have 2 excellent correspondents in Michael O and Ray! Today, I’m pleased to bring the exciting news that Michael M and David H will be joining the site for even more coverage and sharing from around the Florida parks and beyond! Please give their accounts a follow a follow as they will be sharing info and more from around the parks.

Getting back to our move and what it means for the site, this move has huge implications on our coverage. Our coverage net will now better include a lot of regional amusement parks. This new and improved coverage will focus on 2 of my personal favorite parks including the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point! Cedar Point is currently making over the coaster formerly know as Mean Streak. So once things get settled in a few weeks we hope to be bringing regular construction updates from that park. We’ve also seen some random survey markers going up around Kings Island. That could also be a great opportunity for regular construction updates.

Outside of those 2 parks, the Midwest has tons more parks than Florida alone and we will be sharing our adventures from all over as always. Expect this site to continue the quality Florida coverage you’ve come to expect, and add to that great stories and post on our adventures as well as regional park updates.

For even more Florida coverage a friendly reminder that our friends over at Park Pass also share a very non-biased view of the parks they travel to! Brian, Jake, and Jay also travel abroad at times providing more great updates. In a time where parks all over the world are thriving it is great to follow them and us to see everything there is to be a fan of!

While Disney and Universal fan boys fight and bicker over which of their parks are better, we feel each have pros and cons and that is just fine. I only wish that our sharing of info provides you the chance to form your own opinion and inspires you to visit one of the many great destinations!


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