Universal Orlando October 2016

Wow, it is November! October was a bit of a blur; yet, we have many lasting memories from it to discuss.


Halloween may have ducked back into the shadows until next year, but two more horror filled nights remain for Halloween Horror Nights due to an extended schedule.


November 4th & 5th will be your last two nights for 2016 to experience the event.


More nights of HHN that is pretty sweet, but Toothsome celebrating National Chocolate Day is quite a sweet thing too.


That is exactly what happened towards the end of the month. In celebration, they created a one day only chocolate lovers milk shake.

Jumping straight into that parks, Seuss Landing is getting a fresh coat of paint in preparation for its annual holiday transformation into Whoville, can’t have the Grinch losing the Holiday spirit with dull paint.


Speaking of holiday spirit, some festiveness is starting to appear around Seuss.


In an effort to reach and educate children, one of the main goals for Dr. Seuss’s Work, a new series of books has been released and is now available in merchandise locations around Seuss landing. The new book explains elections and challenges kids to be involved with them in their neighborhoods.


With the new book, the park has debuted a merchandise collection that campaigns for the Cat in the Hat to be president.


Hey, I would vote for him!


Elsewhere, we are starting to hear some solid rumblings that significant changes could be coming to Dragons Challenge. The details of what those changes would amount to are still scattered across the board.


As we noted last month, some construction is going on next to Spider-man. There is no word on what this will be once it reopens. We have heard some twisted rumors on what will be coming to this site; however, nothing concrete.


Racing over to the studios park, Jimmy Fallon’s new Race Through New York facade work continues.

The main marquee area is now under heavy construction.


While the rear of the building, as seen through Rockit’s spaghetti section is nearing 100% exterior completion.

Universal Orlando GlobeCast October 2016 Jimmy Fallon race Through New York Rendering

With the final exterior of the building being transformed into this.


The steel work on Fast and Furious is moving along quite nicely; yet with at least 18 months before this attraction opens, miles of furious and hopefully fast work are still to come.


The new Coke, whatever this thing will finally turn out to be, location looks to be nearing its last stages of construction. We are looking forward to walls coming down on this soon.

With the heightened push to secure the parks, The resort has started constructing permanent structures to house security checkpoints for on site resort guests walking to Citywalk.


On 11/2 from 4pm to 8pm the NBC Sports Sunday Night Football interactive bus will be making a stop by the NBC Sports Grill Brew. The bus features replica of the Sunday Night Football control room and allows guests grab a mic and act as “special correspondents” for photos in the replica Football Night in America studio.


Now Let Your Heart Take Flight This Holiday

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