Universal Orlando March 2017

Welcome to your one stop shop for what happened in the universe during the month.

As the month came to a close, so did Mardi Gras 2017

The All American Rejects rocked the Universal Music Plaza for the last concert of the event.

Just next door to the plaza, Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon has begun technical rehearsals for the early April opening.

You can read more about the soft opening and see pictures of the attraction in our earlier post.

Speaking of Fallon, He will be taping the world-famous Tonight Show from the resort for the grand opening of the attraction. It appears work has already started to make way for some type of performance space, that we can only speculate will be to accommodate the musical acts for the Tonight Show.

Meanwhile just down the pathway, Fast and Furious Fully Charged has seen some great change over the month.

Walls have now pushed out into the old graveyard plaza and the access gate has been removed and replaced with a pushed out temporary one.

On the secondary building it looks as if a roof structure is emerging.

While the side of the building is starting to get some color on what we speculate are “warehouse” style windows.

In celebration of the upcoming movie and because they can, the park is brought some of the four tired stars of the new movie to the park.

Guests can come face to grill with a 1970 Dodge Charger with V8 Hellcat engine “Ice Charger” Driven by Vinn Diesel

2004 Bently GT driven by Tyrese

Rally Fighter driven by Michele Rodriquez

In a twisting turn of events, the previous sundries (which was previously a henna/psychic) stand by Blues Brothers Stage has become an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel.

Rock the Universe will return to the Studios park on September 8 & 9 with a heavenly line up of todays biggest christian music starts. To learn more or buy your tickets head over to the Rock the Universe section if the UO website.

Lastly for Studios, American Horror Story will return to HHN this year with a uber maze made from seasons 2, 3 & 6.

Meanwhile next-door at Island of Adventure, Jurassic Park River Adventure is once again offering tours after some annual maintenance of the raptor containment facilities.

Also in Jurassic Park, the virtual queuing for P-Flyers looks to with us for a while.

AMC Cineplex 20 has debuted a beautiful all digital marquee. We can only hope that the other one will be changed over soon as well.

Volcano Bay

The bay is starting to really take shape, check out all of the construction that has happened this month with our early mid,  mid #2  and end of month posts.

It may only be a water park; but Volcano Bay is erupting some great food options as well.

We FINALLY have news for pass-holders on Volcano Bay passes, prices, and much more.

Until we next time, slide, drop, or float over to our social channels to see the current adventures we are on.

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