Universal Orlando January 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! This is going to be an exciting year at the Universal Orlando Resort. 2017 promises us an extended Mardi Gras, the opening of Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon on 4/6 and, of course, The much-anticipated Volcano Bay opening on 5/25.

This year’s event will feature 50 straight nights of fun from the bayou as the event will feature a parade every night of in 2017.

The Universal has already started to prepare for the party in the parks and has announced the line up for the concert series.

Also to look forward to in 2017, Race through New York opens.

with Jimmy Fallon himself taking his tonight show on the road to join the opening festivities. Jimmy has even started to hint about portions of the ride experience, such as the pre-show.

Hopefully, the entire ride lives up to this level. (this could be one of my favorite safety videos)

The attraction may opening in April, but, you can go get your retail fix on now.

The Tonight shop has already opened in almost the same place as the Twister shop was; however, it occupies only a third to half the space as its earlier inhabitant.

Last but certainly not least coming in 2017, Volcano Bay water THEME park. Universal’s  twitter account officially announced that it will be opening on 5/25, with select preview days before that.

You can see the latest construction of the park in the above video and in our weekly (for the most part) update articles.

December Happenings

The work at Fast and Furious Fully charged is not quite that. but, it is moving long as crews have started to close up the open section in the buildings exterior.

with a little over a year to go until we see what is happening inside, I would expect the exterior construction to dramatically slow, similar to what we saw at the Kong Attraction last year.

The Simpsons took a family vacation as their ride was down for some routine maintenance.

The water rides of Toon Lagoon took their respective weeks off for annual maintenance. While it is hard to see what occurred at Bluto’s Barges other than some minor painting and the unseen annual items.

Ripsaw Falls typically gets all new netting around the attraction and a fresh coat of paint

and a strong cleaning.

As we end this month, The annual Celebration of Harry Potter took place over the last weekend of the month with a grand turnout of muggles, witches and wizards alike.

I leave you with a tribute to our fallen friend the Jaws Ride which closed five years ago this month.

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