Universal Orlando January 2016

Welcome to the January 2016 edition. January was a busy month at Universal Orlando as we said goodbye to some old friends and get in gear to welcome new ones.


We laid to rest our favorite ghoul on January 5th, as BeetleJuice’s Graveyard Revue had its last performance to hordes of adoring fans.


The theater was closed to make way for construction of the upcoming Fast and Furious attraction.

Not long after closing, the demolition of the theater was well under way there and at the adjacent building, the former Disaster attraction.

While, the entry way to the former attraction is still relatively unchanged.

Universal Orlando Fast and Furious GlobeCast January 2016 - 003

Meanwhile, at the front of the park, the Hello Kitty retail location has lost most of its former look and is starting to take on a new appearance.

The site of the former Twister attraction looks as if a Twister has stuck it.

Universal Orlando Jimmy Fallon Race through New York GlobeCast January 2016 - 001

The retail location has been completely gutted to steel and the exteriors facades have been completely removed. The attraction closed late last year in preparation for the debut of Race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon.

January has also brought us closer to Party Time at Universal Orlando. This February 6th running through April 16th Universal Orlando will let the good times roll with 14 headline acts, an authentic Mardi Gras parade with 12 vibrant floats and a universe of beads. All topped off with, the best Mardi Gras and Cajun food you can get outside of New Orleans.

Those familiar food locations we have all grown to love started to appear this month in preparation for the event.

This years entertainment for the event brings us some of the best acts in the Universe and will have you coming back each week to see your favorite stars.

February 6– Hunter Hayes
February 13– Diana Ross
February 14– Barenaked Ladies
February 20– Nate Ruess
February 27– Fall Out Boy
March 5– Kool & the Gang
March 12– The Fray
March 13– Adam Lambert
March 19– Shawn Mendes
March 20– 3 Doors Down
March 26– REO Speedwagon
April 2– T-Pain
April 9– Jessie J
April 16– Yandel

Next door at The Islands, the Toon Lagoon Water Rides were each down for their annual maintenance. Universal Orlando Popeye Blutos Barges GlobeCast January 2016 - 001

Popeye and Bluto’s Barges closed the first few weeks of the year for its annual check-up; shortly followed by Ripsaw Falls closing out the month.

Universal Orlando Ripsaw Falls GlobeCast January 2016 - 001

Both attractions were deep cleaned and received maintenance on the rides and show elements, as well as lots of new paint.

Fun Factoid: Did you know that the water to run these two attractions is drawn from the main lagoon in the center of the park and returns to the lagoon once the rides are shut off.

This month looked a little green though, Hulk Green I mean.

Universal Orlando Incredible Hulk Coaster GlobeCast January 2016 - 001

The first pieces of the bright new track arrived and was erected over the month.

Universal Orlando Incredible Hulk Coaster GlobeCast January 2016 - 006

It should not be very long until track is seen on the front side of the attraction. The work on the footers for the new supports does still continue on the lagoon side though.

Universal Orlando Incredible Hulk Coaster GlobeCast January 2016 - 004

Though that is coming to a close quickly.

Kong has come a long way this month.

Universal Orlando skull island reign of Kong GlobeCast January 2016 - 006

The area is taking shape and is in the process of transforming from a construction zone feel into a beautiful attraction.

Some of the finishing touches are being installed

Universal Orlando skull island reign of Kong GlobeCast January 2016 - 005

And Kong himself is watching his attraction grow daily

Universal Orlando skull island reign of Kong GlobeCast January 2016 - 002

For more on the construction around the parks see my previous article and look for a new one to come out soon.

Now let’s get our party on with some great acts at Mardi Gras, stuff our faces with Cajun food and watch the Universe grow & expand as new attractions come to life; See you at the parks.

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