Universal Orlando December 2016

Hope your Holidays were universally festive, yet, the time as come to kick 2016 to the curb and welcome in 2017 with an open heart and mind. However before we say See ya Later 2016, how about a little look back at Universal Orlando’s December.

Universal Orlando Logo

It is after all the holiday season, so lets start with some Universal Orlando Holiday fun like the Macy’s Holiday Parade.

Did you know that it takes 56,000 cubic feet of helium  to fill the 12 Macy’s balloons every year after their 1,081 mile trip from New York.

Some other out of this universe holiday numbers:

  • Over 100 thousand lights illuminate the 80 feet tall tree.
  • Nearly 10 miles of garland are strung around the resort.
  • The 7,000 lights on the arch wreath shine the way into Universal Studios

Oh and the Grinch’s poor heart, as it grows a whopping 666 times its normal size during the course of Grinchmas 222 performances. I recommend a January physical for him.

Speaking of hearts, we extend a heartfelt welcome to Max, Duke, Snowball and Gidget as they join the Universal Superstars Parade.

Something else new and just around the corner is A Celebration of Harry Potter 2017, with first time attendee Warwick Davis and long time attendee Matthew Lewis as well as more talented witches, wizards and muggles to be announced later. This years celebration features an expo twice the size of previous years, to find out more point your wand to the official site.

If stepping into any part of the Wizzarding World does not make you feel like you are in the movies enough, try the new Shutterbutton’s. This one of a kind shop will literally place you right into the films.

Harry doesn’t get all the new retail fun, the main retail locations of each park now have merchandise from the new Illumination Entertainment movie Sing. 

The Security Hub even got a little attention this month as new entry arches, that feature digital signage. now welcome guests at the security bag check stations.

Still looking for something to spice up your New Years Eve? Try EVE at Universal CityWalk.

Construction Updates

As the Wet ‘N Wild, the water-park that started it all, prepares to close its gates (as of the post date), a flood of construction is going on just a few miles away on what Universal Orlando hopes will fill the void.

You can also head over to any of the other Volcano Bay posts to see more about the project and check back for more to see the progress of the construction.

The marquee for the new Race Through New York Attraction has found its way to Universal Studios. This brings us one step closer to opening.

Elsewhere on the attraction, The NBC and Comcast logos have also made their way on the the new building. The walls were, since have been replaced, taken down for a short period.

While the walls were down, we got out first glimpse into this brand new attractions retail side.

However make no mistake, this is still very much a construction site as workers are racing to get this attraction ready for a possible spring opening.

Meanwhile, the Fast and Furious progress is anything really squaring up the building with these prefab wall units. The open segment allows for just a bit of a peak inside the huge new structure where it appears many teams are working on various projects to bring the whole site into the next phases.

Yay, you made it this far! Since you did; I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for allowing me the chance to share some time with you and to share what I love about Universal Orlando. I look forward to seeing you guys around the parks in 2017.


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