Top 3 “Points” of Interest for the 150th ~ Cedar Point

Steel Vengeance has roared into Frontier Town and to the top of many enthusiasts’ lists this season, and even we can’t get enough!

So maybe this is asking too soon… but what’s next? And maybe more importantly, where? For this post we’re gonna take a look at some future development sites for future rides,etc. These may not manifest as early as 2020 but we still expect to see something different there soon. 

I will start with the added note, at CoasterMania 2018 Q&A the following was said(not verbatim):

Q: Cedar Point will have its 150th season next year in 2019 but the 150 year will be in 2020, which will Cedar Point Celebrate and how?

A: We intend to spend 2019 telling the Cedar Point story as started by the “Like No Other” campaign this year and build into some BIG (yes he practically shouted it) for the following year. 

Given that interaction, we can only guess that Cedar Point will stay on the every other year schedule for a decent ride addition.

So my #1 place to keep an eye on is the ill-fated Shoot the Rapids ride area:

Combine that with the current (for now) Dinosaurs Alive area and the size of this plot would be huge! Implications of a big coaster or GCI wooden coaster exist among the fan bases. Dare we even mention the age-old 500-footer dream? Could we even look towards something launching, 500-feet would almost certainly mean that! Two already established entrances to the island currently exist:

If a bigger project is at hand, we could see footers being poured on Millennium Island as soon as later this year.  As for Dinosaurs Alive, we can only expect the 3rd party offering to go extinct like its counterpart at Kings Island did. Their contract is up at the end of this season and the offering has run its course.

Don’t read much into this poster, the picture is very old and could be simple fun themeing in Frontier Town. However we notice words like: pre-dredged canals, development, and even the mention of Rob Decker (R. Decker) the director of planning and design. The picture though old is the area in discussion so you never know!

Area #2 is more based on the idea of further enhancing Frontier Town. Below, the blue line is the current Gemini Midway crossing the railroad tracks into Frontier Town. The black line would be the potential new midway that links Slingshot to the lockers area of Steel Vengeance. 

Steel Vengeance brought us a whole new and deeper look at the story of Frontier Town, and its characters. Will Cedar Point continue to explore and evolve the story-lines? If they do will this mean a new area possibly with some offering around the maintenance and other offices located here: 

Area #3 is going to be home to a stage and a show called Fire & Ice this season, but these small additions can be easily wiped away for a new ride or more permanent option. This area is the former site of the Oceana/ All Wheels Extreme stadium and opened up quite the plot of land! Just imagine what opening up some more spaces around it could mean! 

All of these thoughts are pure speculation and we don’t know anything for sure but its fun for each of as fans to think about what could be next! What are your thoughts let us know in any of our social media comments section! 

When we officially know more about future Cedar Point projects, we’ll be sure to share on our social accounts so be sure to follow us there as well! 

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