Timber! A new show arrives in Pigeon Forge

The highly anticipated new Dolly Parton’s Lumberjack Adventure dinner show in Pigeon Forge, TN is set to open Friday, May 20.

Dolly Partons Lumberjack Adventure 001

The show is a collaboration of Owner/Executive Producer Dolly Parton and Writer/Producer Ken McCabe, of the Dixie Stampede and Pirates Adventure Dinner Shows. The new production features a $25 million in  the new dinner theater unlike anything Pigeon Forge has seen before.

Dolly Partons Lumberjack Adventure 002

“I can promise you’ve never seen another show like this in town before,” Parton said. “I’ve truly enjoyed creating this Smoky Mountain story for families to enjoy while they are here in Pigeon Forge. There are completely new experiences for guests at this show and I can’t wait to hear what they think of the finished product.”

Lumberjack Adventure takes guests back to the roots of the Appalachian community. A time when people lived off the land in logging and milling towns which dotted the map throughout the region. The show celebrates the spirit of community and provides families with even more opportunities to make lasting memories when they visit the Great Smoky Mountains.

The new show will also feature “Something More,” a song written by Dolly herself to tell the story of the Smoky Mountain-themed adventure. Though this is not just a musical, guests will be wowed by acrobatics both on the stage and above their heads while gasping at daring acts of axe juggling and speed climbing.

Dolly Partons Lumberjack Adventure 003

This adventure takes place in the former home of Lumberjack Feud, which Parton purchased last year. Of the large overall investment, a significant part went directly into renovating the buildings lighting, sound, rigging and special effects to state of the industry level to completely immures guests into the Adventures before them.

Dolly Partons Lumberjack Adventure 004

The renovation also allowed for construction of  new ticketing, arrival, pre-show and kitchen areas to bring those areas up to meet and in most cases exceed industry standards.

Speaking of food since this is a dinner show, The campfire cuisine includes:

  • Creamy timber slaw
  • Buttery, homemade lumberjack biscuit
  • Campfire fried chicken
  • Smokehouse pulled pork
  • Homestyle smashed taters
  • Sawmill gravy
  • Fried skillet corn
  • Lumberjack Adventure’s own specialty dessert
  • Unlimited Pepsi, tea and coffee also are part of the meal.

For more information, visit www.lumberjackadventure.com.

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