The Great Pumpkin Fest at Halloweekends ~ Cedar Point 2017

The fall daytime offerings at America’s Roller Coast bring family fun the whole day on Saturdays and Sundays before the evening ghouls invade! As we took a walk around the park on the first day of The Great Pumpkin Fest, we discovered what the event is all about!

First up, you can’t help but admire the fun decorations all around the park. These pumpkin headed skeleton guys are a fun feature in many places. You may even notice them hanging out in some other pictures through out the post!

The extinct ride graveyard is another nice detailed touch.

For fans of the park or amusement park history the display highlights some missed and not so missed attractions.

As we see with the most recent addition, sometimes they even add ride cars from the old rides:

Another cool hidden Easter Egg is the gravestones with names, those with Twitter may know this guy:

Several rides are in the spooky spirit of the season, and 2 of those are the Ocean “Potion” and Cedar Creek “Mystic” Mine Ride:

There is tons of fun for kids to experience throughout the park. This first section below shows all the fun towards the front of the park. First up, is Trick or Treating with 8 total stops:

Once you finish all that candy, if you take your card to the pumpkin patch, you can choose a pumpkin! Nearby the patch is also the opportunity to paint you pumpkin:

Magical House on Boo Hill is a fun walk through with not so scary ghouls for kids to get their first taste of walking a haunted house:

These tall cornstalks create quite a maize! (pun intended):

Over by Wicked Twister we find some cool pedal tractors in a hay bale course:

Near that, is a really fun foam pit where kids can literally get buried in bubbles at times!

Back on the main midway we find this large ogre and he will occasionally wake and tell a story or witty tale:

A couple more fun things for kids can be found in Camp Snoopy also called Camp Spooky this time of year. This activities are more towards the back of the park. Not pictured below are the fun small stage shows and all the peanuts characters out and about in their best Halloween costumes!

In Camp Spooky we have yet another maze this one is hay bales:

Right next to that is a craft zone as well as the pick up location for the Eye Spy scavenger hunt. This sends kids all over the area looking for key pictures:

Going beyond candy and kids stuff there’s tons of special seasonal offerings at Cedar Point as well. First, in the candy shop, the marshmallows are definitely in the festive spirit:

Over by Millennium Force, we have kettle corn being popped right on the midway!

Finally, back by Gemini, there’s a few stands offering grilled corn, candy coated popcorn, and even baked potatoes and sweet potatoes:

Over by Magnum XL-200 and Top Thrill Dragster is the Great Pumpkin Spectacular. With some really neat displays and some characters you might even recognize in mosaic form!

Finally, The Great Pumpkin Parade is a great way to spend the afternoon on the midways. The parade takes place on Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm:

After the parade, the sun sets just a few hours later and the big boy scares come out to play! For more on that be sure to check out next upcoming post from Cedar Point on the nighttime offerings!

Until then, be sure to check follow our social pages so you can see the new posts as they come out!

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