The Great Lego Race VR Coaster Now Open ~ LEGOLAND Florida

Wow! That really is the way to start this blog post. Legoland Florida has a hit VR coaster on their hands here. Legoland has raced onto the scene with their newest VR Coaster:

You can tell that the team thought this one out to make it geared towards kids and families, after all, it is Legoland. The Great LEGO Race VR Coaster is the old Project-X Coaster with a brand new thrill. Friday was our chance to attend the opening ceremonies and check out the new experience for ourselves:

Legoland has created the first VR coaster truly geared towards families. There is not another VR coaster out there that has such a low age limit that truly does allow everyone in the family to enjoy it.

Take a look at my ride on the coaster, video courtesy Legoland:

Anyone that is 48” and 6 years old may enjoy the coaster with the VR headset. This is in contrast to most other parks having an age restriction of 13 years of age to use the VR Headset.

The smooth nature of this roller coaster really helps to keep you engaged in the VR aspect of the ride. From the moment you put the headset on, the colors stand out and there is certainly plenty to see. You will be racing against 5 LEGO teams that are all battling it out to cross the finish line first.

The five teams are, Team Pirate, Team Wizards, Team Surfers, Team Trendy, and Team Pharaoh. Talking to Legoland PR Manager David Brady, he told me that this is something that was truly done on purpose. Taking 5 different LEGO worlds, so today, and mashing them together. He explained that when kids are playing LEGO’s they don’t care if Pirates don’t really belong with Wizards and Pharaohs with Surfers, this is a kids world and anything can go.

I highly recommend that kids young and old head out to Legoland to experience this fantastic VR coaster. It is certainly my favorite of any VR coasters that I have ridden. A huge thank you to the Legoland team for having us out there to experience this great new attraction.

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