The Beginning of the End ~ Disney’s Hollywood Studios: A Park Transforming


Hello, Ray again and welcome to a look at Hollywood Studios and the preparation for the up and coming park transformation. Today I spent a few hours wandering the streets of the studios enjoying the things that are soon to disappear. As you may have heard a little thing called Star Wars is getting ready to take over Hollywood Studios. So let’s take a quick lap around the park and see what is going on.

I made sure to stop and see Mike & Sully before they pack up their doors and head somewhere else. Always great to stop and see some of the characters.

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - 001

The Streets of America were built with the Studios and were intended to be a fully operational; movie set. Overtime they stopped producing movies, commercials etc.. on the streets and opened it up for the public to be able to walk through. There is not a whole lot to do there which makes it an easy target for removal. An early morning journey down the streets provides a quiet moment in the parks… At least for now. Before long this area will become quite loud day in and day out as they prepare the area for the up and coming Star Wars Land.

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - streets - of - America - 001

A nice homage to the Osborne Family. As you may know the Osborne Family is responsible for the Holiday Lights that adorned the streets and surrounding area for 20 years:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - 002

Here are a couple more shots of the Streets of America as they currently stand:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - streets - of - America - 002 Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - streets - of - America - 003

Walking around the park you can’t help but find quite a few walls already up. The Phineas and Ferb Meet and Greet as well as the Premiere Theatre are now completely blocked off with work walls.

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - 005

Another work-wall worth mentioning is the one surrounding Pizza Planet. This quick service is getting a much needed overhaul. The question is what will it be when it is complete?

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - Pizza - Planet - 001

Are they messing with us or will we really get to take a peak beyond the wall soon?

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - 004

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - 003

Finally with all the walls up there is one thing that is hard to hide. The old Backlot Tour experience, Catastrophe Canyon, has finally started to become a thing of the past. I’m sure that it won’t be too long before this is just a memory:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 007

Trees have started coming out:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 005 Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 003

They have made a big hole in the Earth towards the outside middle where I imagine the utility lines may have been run for the gas, water, etc.:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 006

The Mohave Oil Co. airplane looks to have seen better days. The fuselage remains but it has started to lose some of its pieces:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 002 Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 001

In general the site is being prepped for what one can only imagine will be a pretty swift bulldozing:

Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 008 Disneys - Hollywood - Studios - catastrophe - canyon - 004

All the above is just a tiny look at what is happening at Hollywood Studios. Keep watching our twitter feeds for more updates as we visit the parks. Of course we will continue to bring full updates here as well. See you in the parks!

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