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***The following is a work of speculation in the name of fun and is in no way confirmed facts. These thoughts are all speculation based off of what we have seen in previous releases from Cedar Point***

We’re less than 3 weeks away from opening day and the debut of Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point. For fun we decided to take a look at existing facts of each character we know about from the story line and maybe some others from FrontierTown lore. We’ve heard Tony (communication director) and Jason (General Manager) say they wanted to develop the story of FrontierTown more and with that should come character development.

There is a lot we know about each character via the newspaper display, the official trailer, and wanted posters.  But if we look deeper we can speculate who they really are and how they got to where they are. Again, these are just my best guesses from 3 main sources: Steel Vengeance Trailer, Wanted Posters, and the large newspaper that had the video.

Let’s stat by viewing the trailer again:


Starting off with the villains we have Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey:

In the trailer, we learn Digger is an inventor, this could possibly, given the age gap, connect him to inventor Prof. Delbert. Notice also on the wanted poster above he is wanted for patent infringements. On the newspaper display we see in the bottom left corner that Delbert’s estate and workshop was plundered! Could digger be responsible for that?

We also notice digger has a prosthetic arm, but from what? Well also in the trailer, we hear he’s back to reclaim his mining company most likely stolen by Maverick since he came to town rich. This is likely Cedar Creek Mining company, perhaps there was an accident in the mine that rendered him armless. Maybe with that illegal drilling mentioned.

Finally could Digger be doing more than just digging in FrontierTown? The newspaper mentions that a “mammoth tusk was exhumed during a drilling excavation.”

Moving onto Chess “Wild One” Watkins:

First, on the wanted poster above, we see that she is good at “unbridled chases” telling us she is good at horse wrangling and starts the initial connection theory to Maverick.  We also see the poster gives her credit for being smart so maybe at a very young age she was good at wild horse taming.

In the trailer we learn Chess is a fierce and fiery cowgirl, never to be tamed. While cowgirl is another hint at the skill of horse training, could it reference something else?

Could the “never to be tamed be a reference to a possible proposal from a fellow horse-man in town? Maverick Chamberlain. Perhaps even his marriage proposal is what caused her to be so estranged.

Maybe when she said no to his offer, that led her to the poster referenced “galloping out-of-town in a cloud of dust.”

Closing out the “villains” we have Jackson “Blackjack” Chamberlain:

The first thing we really notice about Blackjack is his last name is the same as Maverick; Chamberlain. We notice the same last name on the newspaper. This indicates they are blood relatives but how are they related?

At my best guess, from the story told in the trailer and the idea of building a taller faster and wilder coaster than Maverick, Blackjack sounds like a jealous younger brother. Possibly even estranged from always being the pee-on in his brother’s businesses. He is great with a deck of cards says the trailer, maybe he’s good at slight of hand. But how does that matter?

You’ll read more below, but we’ve learned Maverick had lots of money. What if Blackjack while working for Maverick “cooked the books” to steal some money to build Steel Vengeance?

So what we can conclude about how the coaster was made and summarize the above thoughts?

  • Digger stole the resources and brings the innovation
  • Chess brought the smarts and cunning to make it happen
  • Blackjack brought the money

After all this we can see that our next character with a little more of a story-line in FrontierTown’s history could actually be the villain, Maverick Chamberlain:

We learn from the trailer that Maverick Chamberlain came to town as a silver tongue, which means a tendency to be persuasive and eloquent in speaking.  He established a mining company, maybe Cedar Creek Mining Company perhaps? What if the mine originally belonged to Digger and Maverick found a way to buy/ steal it in a legal takeover style?

The power he gained gave him influence so maybe he was the one that encouraged the wanted posters. The 3 above seem to be the only ones that know who Maverick Chamberlain could really be.  Because no one was allowed to be outdated or outspoken against Maverick.

Too the point above about Blackjack being Maverick’s younger brother, we see Maverick is a typical brother. He is complimentary but skeptical about Steel Vengeance. Basically saying it looks nice but people won’t like it in no uncertain terms. I’m pretty sure many of us from out-of-town will find the new coaster to be awesome!

So those are the main characters we know, but what if the story were to go deeper? We have a couple smaller theories about some of the other characters.

  • Lusty Lil’s, who we know for the Palace Theater and extravagant show. The newspaper shows us there was a raid at Lil’s suggesting she could be in on helping the trio above.

  • Miss Keat, who we’ve learned will now be the namesake of the place formerly known as Chuck Wagon. We could assume she has a relationship with Lil given the connected proximity of the theater and restaurant.
  • Sidewinder Sue, formerly Sagebrush Sue is another renamed and re-menu’d eatery coming to FrontierTown.
  • Shooter Stillman, the center bottom headline highlights this story of a moonshine runner. He was foiled by local and federal authorities. On this one all that comes to mind is the now defunct Shoot the Rapids. The authorities shuttered his loading station and seized his boats is another key clue.

On a final note about these speculations, I do find it interesting that we have a story line that includes a still vacant site of Shoot the Rapids and Dinosaurs Alive. Dinosaurs Alive seems to be on the verge of going extinct (pun intended) as it did at sister park Kings Island. More on our thoughts of Cedar Point’s future after opening weekend!

In the meantime stay with our social channels for more content soon as we inch closer to Steel Vengeance’s debut!

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