Steel Vengeance & FrontierTown Character Stories Confirmed ~Cedar Point

Wow who knew when we released our speculation/ fan ideas about a week ago that a lot of it would be true?!? This morning from the Steel Vengeance media event we got confirmation of several stories and several reader submitted pictures they have given us permission to post with our watermark! It seems there’s even more to tell than we did the last week!

Let’s start with the “Villains” again, we’ll let you do the reading instead of re-typing everything the sign says:


So now that we know the Steel Vengeance trio, how about a little more on Maverick?

So how about a little more on the story of how Steel Vengeance came to happen in FrontierTown lore:

Digging even deeper into telling a story many other characters, some familiar (restaurant names, etc). Most tie into the main 4 characters above:

Chess “Wild One” Watkins father:

Don’t forget this will be a quick eatery named for Sidewinder:

Unlike our speculation post this story of “Shooter has no reference to Shoot the Rapids:

Sounds like Maverick may have helped Doc forge his physician’s certificate for money, shady times indeed:

Another icon in the park for many years we learn some more about Lusty Lil

We could pretty much assume this means Chess worked for Bellows and was quite good at it:

We’ve known Delbert way back to the days of Paddle Wheel Excursions:

Check out the Coney BBQ reference with Miss Keats:

Quite a lot to take in and read for sure! Be sure to stay tuned in the near future for our full highlights of Steel Vengeance! Thanks again to a reader who wished to remain anonymous for submitting these awesome pictures telling us the full story!

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