Steel Vengeance Construction Update #9 ~ Cedar Point

Though Cedar Point has been closed through the week, construction crews and the newest RMC creation have been hard at work! Steel Vengeance’s highest point of 205 feet is finally in place at the lift was topped off:

Starting off with a wider look at the coaster, we can see how it will add to some of Cedar Point’s skyline. As mentioned in the video obviously Millennium Force is taller but Steel Vengeance is closer in this shot:

In this next shot, we can see a couple of workers still in progress of tightening track or maybe working on maintenance stairs. Also notice the handrail has not climbed past where the track left off before this week:

You can also notice in the picture above a little cross rail under the curving track. I would guess this is more than just a support beam. Given its location, this is likely the start of the lift chain return system:

As we look even closer we can see the rail is in the center between the 2 track rails and again the placement is dead on for where a chain would leave off from a lift hill:

In this neat side angle, we get a nicer view of the drop from outside of the park:

From a couple other angles we can see the start of the drop as well.

Notice the flag indicating the highest point in construction in this next picture. Previously the highest point was the first turn after the drop:

Staying with the drop side of things, from inside the park we get some better angles of the last remaining area awaiting track. We would expect track to be completed this week with only the drop to do:

Breaking the theme of this post to share a couple nice shots of the 3rd inversion:

Getting back to the lift with one final shot over the train station:

As mentioned above we should expect to see track completion within the week, so stay with us as we share the progress as we see it and bring you at least one more update before the end of the season:

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