Steel Vengeance Construction Update #7 ~ Cedar Point

Welcome to our first construction update since announcement day. Now that the cat is out of the bag on the name and details, we have a special treat. We were treated to a special hard hat tour during ACE North Coast Con at the park. So scroll on down after the video for awesome inside the construction zone pictures!

A quick look from the outside we see a couple great shots of the lift:

Our big story a few days before the hard hat tour was the sighting of the 4th inversion. This is located under the MCBR area:

Crew were still working on bolting it into place on 8/24 when we were the first to bring the story to you!

Track work is still progressing nicely on the ride; we spotted a couple of low supports and the current leave off point:

On 8/26 it was time for our hard hat tour! Very special thanks to Tony Clark and Jason McClure for having us!!!

The first thing we spotted on the track was a clearance testing device. This is hoisted into different places along the track to check for clearance on all sides where riders may put their hands up, etc.

The outward banked turn, much like most of the coaster, looks great from up close:

As we walked into the infield we got a quick shot from under the track:

Remember, that in this area 3 set of rails run side by side!

Looking towards the lift/drop structure we see the massive 2 inversions:

Heading for the 4th inversion we showed above is a nice sweeping turn inside the support structure for the outward banked turn:

Speaking of that 4th inversion again, we got a closer look at it on our tour:

Getting an up close look at the drop, we can see just how massive it is:

While there is no drop track, and the lift is not yet at its high point of 205 feet tall, some of the valley drop track is in place:

After this section, riders go into that tall first massive turn, currently the highest point on the ride:

Finally, supports for the return to station are in place and waiting on more supports and woodwork:

According to Tony, track work is well ahead of schedule and we could start seeing the finale of the lift once the park enters weekend only operation. Stay tuned to our socials as we will continue to bring you the latest on the #TallestFastestWildest Hybrid coaster. A very special thanks once again to Tony Clark, Jason McClure, and ACE for having me out on the tour.

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