Steel Vengeance Construction Update #10 ~ Cedar Point

Well the next milestone came quickly after our last update on the only hyper hybrid coaster in the world! Track work was completed and that means the drop is in!

From outside the park we got a few different views starting with a couple wider looks at the drop:

A little closer look at the drop side shows that 90 degree angle drop:

On a wider shot from above, we can see not only the lift and first drop, but also the first turn:

Zooming back in to the drop again, we can see the angle leading to the 90 degree drop. I’ve also included a pic from a previous post without the track in place:

Back at the top of the lift there’s some wood being staged. Possibly for more structure work, but we can see there is still stairs and handrail yet to be installed as well:

In our last shots from outside the park, we take a look at the gorgeous drop from almost straight on:

Moving inside the park now, much like the entire coaster, the drop looks more awesome up close! These 2 shots are from the infield of the coaster:

Taking a look at some of my favorite angles, they got even better with the drop track in place!

With the track work now completed, work will focus in on other details like stairs and more structure work as mentioned above.  In the meantime keep it tuned to our social pages where we share any additional updates:

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  1. October 31, 2017

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