Steel Curtain Coming to Kennywood in 2019 #Project412

Kennywood began teasing Project 412 with a scratch off of numbers, then that spiraled into a word search where several key words could be found nad matched. Today Kennywood announced Steel Curtain will be coming to the park in 2019!

So what are the details and how do the numbers on the scratch off line-up? Let’s take a look:

  • 197 foot tall inversion
  • 3 records broken
  • 24 riders per train ~ 2 trains
  • 220 feet tall
  • 120 second ride
  • 75mph
  • 9 inversions
  • 50′ angle of lift
  • 4000 feet of track

The coaster will be made by manufacturer S&S! 

Here’s the first video released for the new coaster:

That’s a lot to take in for just a 2 minute ride! Here’s a look at some external renderings:

The area will also feature a restaurant and lots of activities for the whole family. It will kind of like the fan experience you see at a football game except at Kennywood! 

This looks like a great 3 acre addition to the park and we can’t wait to check it out next year for sure!

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