Starbright Holidays Drone Show & Rumors that Surround It ~ Disney Springs

Recently, we’ve seen Disney in cooperation with Intel debut a stunning new show called Starbright Holidays that utilizes drones that perform to Christmas Music:

While this show impressive on the technology alone, many are left with the opinion that the show is very short. Could this show be a proof of concept, essentially being done to prove that it can be done and progress it to more?


According to some, the above is exactly true! If the show continues to function we’ve been told by multiple sources close to the execution of the current show that the next stop would be Epcot at some point in 2017. Testing at Epcot is apparently slated to begin “before spring break season” next year.

At this point, the plan would be to add it to the existing Illumination reflections of Earth at a couple of non-firework or flame effect moments:

If things continue to go well where they can prove a small loss rate (a drone crashes to the water) and that the show can be safely flown over guests in the park, there is no reason the concept wouldn’t continue to spread to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios for inclusion in the Star Wars show.

Walt - Disney - World - Disney's - Hollywood - Studios - Star - Wars - Fireworks - 001

Why just focus on this coast? We know of a great show at Disney’s California Adventure that could easily implement such technology.

For those who like to know some of the secrets of the show and why it’s safe take a look at some of the facts below:

  • auto shut off  (rotor hard stop) when it flies below a set attitude or if off target by more than 5º
  • returns to home if battery drops below a preset percentage
  • “panic” mode returns all drones to home or stops show (hover in spot/ red light (air traffic interference)/ immediate land)
  • loss of radio signal starts panic sequence

starbright-holidays-disney-springs-002 starbright-holidays-disney-springs-003 starbright-holidays-disney-springs-004

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