Six Flags New England launches a Fireball

Six Flags New England launched their newest ride over the weekend.


Fireball is a giant roller coaster style looping ride. This ride adds to an already impressive adrenaline and thrill packed park line-up.

Six Flags New England Fireball logo 001

Fireball marks the first addition to the Rockville area since 1997.

The ride will offer guests over 48″ tall, a seven story tall ride consisting of six loops face to face with up to 24 riders totaling two minutes of looping fun.

Six Flags New England Fireball 004

In celebrations of Fireballs launch, The park also opened The Filling Station in the Rockville area. The now location will have all new food choices that are exclusive to the park; such as, a conewich. This culinary creation of  a bagel cone busting the seams with brisket, pork or macaroni and cheese.

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