Six Flags America Replacing Castaway Creek with Wahoo River

After a couple weeks of teasing, featuring some grim characters, leading up to the chain-wide announcement day, Six Flags America is adding Wahoo River for 2018.

The new river is a big improvement over Castaway Creek:

Wahoo River highlights include:

– Up to 18 feet wide; 33% wider and 40% longer
– Seven different water action zones with sprays, geysers, waves, waterfalls, leaky pipes, aqua arches and bucket dumps
– A wave generator that pulses waves every few seconds propelling guests down the water channel
– Colorful buckets dropping gallons of refreshing water from above
– Nearly 2,500 feet of new deck space with hundreds of deck chairs

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  1. August 31, 2017

    […] Six Flags America is going with a new ride for its waterpark with Wahoo River. […]

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