Six Flags 2019 Announcement Summary

The yearly tradition of an all at once reveal for Six Flags is once again here! The company did not disappoint with several announcements across the country.

West Coast Racers will be the world’s first racing quadruple launch coaster:

Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth Swings its way into New Jersey next year and will be the tallest ride of its kind at over 17 stories! 

Lone Star Revolution, a Larson Loop, will be heading for the Arlington park:

The Joker: Wildcard swings into the park as one of the tallest of its kind!

Bugs Bunny Boomtown and DC Super Friends brings kid friendly fun south of the border

Supergirl soars her way into St. Louis with a really cool looking new ride! 

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will have Batman: The Ride, 4D fee-spin coaster to look forward to next year:

Maxx Force speeds its way into 3 unique records in the Chicago area next season! 

Pandemonium strikes the Atlanta area park in an all new Screampunk area:

The original B&M Apocalypse stand-up coaster closes for good 9/8; and will re-open next season as Firebird, a floorless coaster:

Bucket Blasters will be an all new ride and part of the renovation into an all new waterpark called Hurricane Harbor. 

La Ronde will also get a Larson Loop for its 2019 addition called Chaos:

The Oklahoma City park receives Timber Town as its first year being a part of the Six Flags family of parks:

These are all very exciting additions in their own way and it is a lot to take in for sure! What’s your favorite? Be sure to tell us via one of our social pages! 

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