Six Flags 2018 Announcement Summary

We’ve seen another fun year of announcements already and today is Six Flags’ turn! This year once again brings us announcements from across the whole chain in one way or another.

Starting out, Six Flags Fiesta Texas went first in a surprise move earlier this month with a  single rail roller coaster from RMC.

Six Flags America is going with a new ride for its waterpark with Wahoo River.

Just outside Atlanta we saw the closure of Cyclone earlier this year. For 2018 we see the park adding a Twist to the old ride with Twisted Cyclone:

Up at Six Flags New England  Harley Quinn come to town with Harley Quinn Spinsanity:

Harley Quinn Spinsanity also Comes to Texas but in a different form of ride with an all new 3-D style ride:


Just outside of Chicago sees the closure of King Chaos likely for the now announced world’s largest Larson Loop. The project is yet to be named:


South of the border, Six Flags brings the fun with a free spin coaster called Wonder Woman Coaster

In northern California at Discovery Kingdom we see the addition of a SkyWarp style ride called  Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster

In St. Louis an interesting but fun looking water slide joins the scene called Typhoon Twister

Over at Great Escape a new thrill ride, Pandemonium will bring just that to the park!

After the Justice League restored order to the southern California park last year, this year brings the tallest swinging disc ever with Crazanity:

The New Jersey park in the chain will be adding the other 3-D style ride for the chain called CYBORG:

The park to the north is adding Carnival En Folie which looks to be a collection of rides.

Be sure to follow our social media channels as we share more details on each the rest of the day and in coming weeks.

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