Signs of Winterfest at Kings Island


As Kings Island just wrapped up their daily operation for the year, we have already begun to see the signs of Winterfest at the park! The event returns to the park with all new features and expectations are high for this wonderful winter event. In case you missed it, we posted hours for all the Winterfest events at each of the Cedar Fair Parks featuring it. Here’s a look at Kings Island’s schedule for Winterfest which kicks off November 24th.

Inside the gates this past week we saw some pretty festive structures going up in an area next to the Eiffel Tower.

These candy cane like structures have newly installed outlets near them and even a programmers control box nearby. Perhaps these canes will put on a sweetly festive dance?

Around a couple of areas of the park, we noticed some lighting going up for ambient tree lighting as well. Not for certain this isn’t for the fall’s Haunt event at the park, but also spotted a larger ornament in Coney Mall:

On the pathway between Backlot Stunt Coaster and Diamondback’s splash down, there are some other interesting structures as well:

Also in this area, we see a concrete ring with an electrical box. Looks like a good place for a Christmas Tree!

Over in Rivertown we see many signs advertising the event along the bridge and pathways.

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The promotions give lots of excitement for the offerings; skating on the fountain is what I most look forward to!

We were unable to ride the train on our visit but have also heard surveying for decorations has already started their as well.

Even more exciting perhaps is the opportunity to ride a roller coaster in Ohio winter. It has been confirmed via interviews with park rep Don Helbig that Mystic Timbers will operate during Winterfest among a few other rides.

We will be sad to see the regular park season come to an end on 10/29. But, less than a month later we’ll be back for the festivities of Winterfest!

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