Seven Seas Food Festival Booth Tour & Food Reviews ~ SeaWorld Orlando

(2/16/17): The first week of the Seven Seas Food Festival has come and gone. As we approach the 2nd week of the Saturday only event we wanted to give a look at what we were able to try with brief reviews. We will be updating this post as we visit the event and try more items, so stay tuned to our social accounts to find out about updates! First up, let’s take a look at our video booth tour from around the event:

As you enter Bayside pathway, we notice an old favorite from Bands, Brew and BBQ, A nice display of Harley Davidson’s:

Another highlight returning to the park for this new event is some cool muscle and vintage cars:

On the Bayside pathways there is a lot of neat new merchandise with the event logo on it, but noticeably absent are t-shirts:

As we ventured into trying out some of the flavors I’d like to point our that for annual pass-holders it is a great value to buy the 15-item sampler. At just $49 the price per item comes out to $3.27 per item. All of the items we saw were at least $4 so it makes for a big savings. Especially when some of the dishes are $5 to $7:

The first booth we diced to try was the Mexican Market:

Here we decided to give the adobo chicken a try. We found it to be just the right amount of heat and flavor  and the rice helped to balance the spiciness out:

Next up at the North Atlantic Market by Nautilus theater, with a look at 2 items:

First the Banana Cheesecake cone and then the Bacon Cheddar Hush puppies. Both items were good though some may find the texture of the cheesecake to be a little gritty more like pudding with the crumbled graham crackers in it. The hush puppies were very good and Michael even found them to be the best item he has tasted here:

Our next stop was at the Brazilian Market, where we tried the Cheese Bread and the Black Bean Chili. Both had a great flavor, though the bread tasted like a frozen processed product that had been baked. The chili was a mix of fresh ingredients and had a great taste:

Over at Ports of Call we found ourselves craving a couple tastes from the Asian Market. At this location we tried the duck lo mein and the Blue Lagoon  Punch. The duck was good, but sadly the lo mein was really chewy, the only big miss on texture of the day. The punch was a nice mellow alcoholic beverage:

For the first several weeks of the event 3 booths will feature some BBQ dishes from the event that used to take place this times of year. Bands, Brew and BBQ offered many great options. This included the ribs and short rib mac and cheese which we diced to try. Both were the flavors we remember from years past though the mac and cheese lacked a little creaminess:

Right now SeaWorld Orlando has hands down the best foodie event in Central Florida and we can’t wait to return! This concludes our first week at the event. We hope to be visiting a few more times before these awesome flavors leave the park! Be sure to stay tuned to our social accounts and check back on this post. We will be adding new items as we try them!

Week 2! In our second week we tried 4 items from around the festival:

First we started the day on yet another great dish with the Braised Short Ribs from the Gulf Coast Market. The meat was very tender and pretty much fell apart at the touch of a fork. Served on jalapeno cheddar grits and with a balsamic demi-glace, the dish is not spicy, in fact I barely tasted the jalapenos when eating it. Once again a generous portion and in my top 3 dishes tried so far!

Next up, I sampled the Key Lime Martini, which despite its name is non alcoholic. Basically this is a key lime pie served in a martini glass, but it had every bit of lime flavor you would expect. It was a lot for me to eat so once again a great portion and dessert wise perhaps one that could be shared between 2 people.

Finally our last 2 items for this week came from the Korean booth located in the Ports of Call area. We sampled the Korean BBQ Rib and Watermelon Slushy. As with the other beverages we sampled, this watermelon slushy did not seem to taste like it had much alcohol in it. Despite that it was still a great beverage. Especially alongside my very sweet but very delectable. The rib has a very sweet hint of honey and was more sweet than savory for sure. Not your typical rib flavor and that wasn’t a bad thing in this case:

Stay tuned for more coverage from week 3 as we will be picking up our pass member mason jar this trip! Look for highlights on our twitter page and be sure to watch all our social accounts for more!

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