Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando Now Open

Now we can say go to SeaWorld Orlando when someone asks that famous question “Can you tell me how to get to….”

The new land replaces Shamu’s Happy Harbor at the park and though you can barely recognize it, some old favorites have been re-themed to adapt to their new neighbors!

Along with the old favorites comes plenty of new fun and activities as well. The biggest being the all new parade with awesome looking floats! Watch the full parade below:

The big play netting structure was removed in the make-over but a much more colorful and maintainable playground and splash area was added:

Meet and greets are sure to make memories with tons of your favorite characters all over! Even story time with Big Bird!!!

Guests can also get their hands on some great new merchandise and some new food and drink options:

Overall, the themeing and revitalization of the area make it look like it is a brand new expansion and we can barely recognize it! Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando is must see, especially if you have little ones or want to re-live some childhood TV watching memories!

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